Sep 16, 2015

What it's like to be a sod farmer in the middle of a drought

A feature story on Delta Bluegrass on the SUNSET blog. 

We’re researching other turf alternatives, too, like Kurapia (Lippia nodiflora), from Japan. Kurapia has strong creeping ability but stays just 1 to 3 inches in height. Once established, it needs 60% less water than traditional turf.  In California, Lippia has long been considered to be an invasive weed, but this new strain from Japan is sterile and has have no viable seeds. We’re the first to grow it in sod form.

More information about Kurapia, visit

a new low-water groundcover developed in Japan.  It was developed for drought conditions and is tolerant of different soils and a range of temperatures.  It grows quickly to establish ground cover but is sterile, so unwanted seeding does not occur.